Saturday, March 26, 2016


Last night was my final show with Anthem For Today. I guess it's time for a change for me. The band is going through some changes and I want to leave while we're still friends and feeling good about our accomplishments together.

It was a bittersweet show at the Salvation Army Citadel in Kingston. Davey Hooper was attending a funeral back in Oshawa and unable to play so GI Holm had to play two guitar parts. (Not a problem for him.) He was in great "poser" form!

Pip was playful with the audience - probably the best I've seen him.

Robbert had problem solving to do before the show with the lights. Often there are issues and Robbert is amazing at figuring out solutions.

Chad Izatt was the fill-in drummer for this show. He's a new friend from Brockville. There's been a lot of drummers in AFT and Chad pulled it off great! I forgot to ask if he had fun!

AFT opened with two worship sets - Pip on drums, GI on lead vocals and Cas Vander Grift on piano.

The promoter Fred Grendel was fabulous as was his crew. Very helpful and treated the boys like rock stars! Thanks Fred, Les and Jeffrey.

Well, it's over for me. I'll probably check out future shows and can't wait for the release of the second album later this Spring.

By the way, the fun I've had over three and a half years is documented in my new book "Herding Kittens" which comes out mid-April. $20 is you want an advance order.

Chad's dad Chris Izatt - one of my best friends from my
Kingston days.

Rich VanDorp on FOH.

Cas Vander Grift on piano during worship.

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