Saturday, July 4, 2015


Today is the 4th of July. We, as non-Americans, all know it is "Independence Day". (Do the Americans know about "Canada Day"?  Says one of my friends - "What's that?" Of course, they don't.)

I worked in Nashville in 1996 and 1997. It was a life-changing event for me. And too short-lived, unfortunately.

But, I have many great memories, and since this is the 4th of July, I will share my two memories as a resident in the U.S.

The first was in 1996. My boss at WAY-FM Bob Augsburg led the staff to the roof of the WAY-FM building in Brentwood. We took our camp chairs up the steps and watched the fireworks display from the rooftop. The fireworks were amazing, but the party on the roof was the real memory. Good company, good people, special moment.

The next year me and my family went to the Nashville waterfront with a couple of friends. As we travelled down I-65, I noticed, once again, the homeless guys living under the bridges. I said to my friend Tim Cardascia - "How do you think that guy feels, living in a cardboard box, penniless, while the City blows up a million dollars of fireworks to celebrate?"  Tim said to me - "That guy is thinking - 'I'm an American and I love my country'."  I got chills.

Two great memories, of many, from my Nashville days. Happy 4th of July everyone!

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