Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I just celebrated my 34th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe, it’s 34 years. And, we lived together for two years before that. Actually, we dated all through high school, and met in Junior High. We’ve been best friends since grade 7.

In Grade 7. She coloured my geography maps so I didn’t have to.

Our first date was seeing the Osmonds at the CNE.

We sat in the Gold section, row 8, seats 9 and 10 at Maple Leaf Gardens for dozens and dozens of concerts.

We hung out at Center Island and went to hundreds of movies.

During summer vacation, I lived at the cottage for the summer, and Janice would drive to visit on weekends.

When my Dad told her to stay away, she didn’t give up.

When her parents weren’t nuts about me, she didn’t give up.

She encouraged my little high school radio show.

We dissected a snake.

We produced 8mm movies for Theatre Arts.

She is a co-creator of "Okay Then Dort"

She is Big Chief How.

She likes the band KISS.

She drove with me to my radio job interview in Kingston.

When I moved to Kingston she took the bus to see me every weekend.

She moved in with me. She married me.

She hung in while I was a selfish husband.

Together, we took our kids to the Yellow Slide Park and The All-New Yellow Slide Park.

She relocated her life to support my radio career to Saskatchewan, Kapuskasing, Pembroke, North Bay, Sudbury, Nashville and Barrie. And she arranged all the moves.

She supported my dream to work in Nashville.

She cried with me when I got fired.

She rejoiced with me when we got the license for LIFE 100.3

She grieved with me when we lost parents.

She cried buckets with me when our dogs died.

She encourages me in my hobby to tour with Anthem For Today.

We hang out in our day-bed by the water.

We BBQ chicken-ka-bobs.

We soak in the hot tub.

We ride our bikes along Orillia waterfront.

We cruise the Caribbean, lots.

We take the dog for walks together.

When I get depressed, she stays out of my way.

When I clean the house, she appreciates me.

When I write a memo or speech, she proofreads it to remove my stupid comments.

When I want to hang out with the boys, she understands.

When she wants to hang out with the girls, I understand.

When we have big decisions to make, we agree or we don’t do it.

I let her choose our car purchases. She makes good choices.

I let her seek out our homes. She finds the perfect homes.

My best friends come and go. Janice and I are one.

My best friends say they will be there when I need them, but if they feel tired they don't bother. But, Janice is always there for me.

My best friends ignore my texts - Janice answers attention.

When I share my troubles, my best friends pretend to listen but Janice listens and responds.

My best friends commit to hanging out, unless they get a better offer. Janice doesn’t look for better offers.

Janice is my only best friend. She is my life. She is my wife.

I am blessed.

You should be as lucky as me.