Sunday, April 5, 2015


Ok, ok, maybe they're not hobbies.

The first one is my full-time job at LIFE 100.3 and it's a job I love. I work on LIFE at work, and at home, and in the car and sometimes on my bike. I guess I don't ever turn it off because, most of the time, it's not hard work.

It was the idea of being an on-air personality and playing everyone's favourite songs on the radio that attracted me to it. Then, I discovered that if I wanted to make things better, I needed to be "the boss", so I pursued that position, and it's true - when you're the boss, you have the power to make things happen.

Because I love my job and the wheels are always turning, I don't know where to draw the line between my job and my hobby - and I don't care.  Most days, it's a joy. And, now as a Christian, I get to use my experience and my faith to lead a radio station that has affected peoples' lives.

My other hobby, or job - or whatever it is - is being the band manager for Anthem For Today.

While in my 20's, I managed three other bands, non-recording acts, operating at a local level, mostly playing in bars. My natural sense of organization led me to the manager's role, and after three bands, I decided that I was not fully equipped to take them to greater success and vowed to never manage again, unless it was for my kids, and that never panned out.

Then along came Anthem For Today - five talented nice guys whom I am quite fond of. And now, in my 50's, I have the experience, resources and connections to lead a band beyond the level of the first three. AFT has won awards, had several songs played on radio coast to coast and closing in on their 100th show.

I am very blessed to have two jobs (or hobbies) that I love deeply, and where am able to use my skills sets effectively.

More so, as a Christian, it is an honour overseeing an organization that helps people grow in their faith. And not just one - but two.

Very grateful to be in these exciting positions.

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