Monday, April 28, 2014


The renovations at LIFE 100.3 continue.  And it's exciting!

On the first day, the wall between our suite and next door (109) came down. In fact, the floor and walls in 109 disappeared on the first day!

New Reception and waiting area
We brought in Laurie Lamb our decorator to show us colour scheme options. Laurie is fabulous!  When you visit LIFE, all the decorations - wallpaper, paint colours, most of the lighting - everything but the funky red carpet - that's all Laurie's vision. She's so good that Janice and I have used her at home for every room we decorate.

This week we are waiting on tile flooring and new carpet for 109, some of which extends into our 111 suite.

The purpose of all of this is to develop our Video Department. You may have noticed that we post videos on facebook of events we've been to and to promote upcoming events. We've also posted devotionals by our DJs. It's all going well, so the next step is to devote a large room to the making of videos, headed up by Evan Duran. That requires some movement of offices.

Here's a bit of what's happening.
  • Me - I move into the former promotions office.
  • Promotions - moving into the former sales office.
  • Sales - moving into Suite 109, with workstations for other sales people, too.
  • Bookkeeping - moving into 109.
  • Ministry Relations moving into former bookkeeping
  • Other offices - programming, news and the studios all stay in place.

The biggest move is our reception area which moves next door into Suite 109. With Laurie's help, the new waiting area should really pop!

The former reception area is being transformed into a "café" for staff, clients and visitors and our famed "dome ceiling" will remain.

It should all be open and ready by the end of May and we'll rename Suite 109, 111, for consistency.

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