Thursday, August 22, 2013


Last night, the band I manage, Anthem For Today, played a show at Bethel Camp in Rodney. "How was it?" you ask? Thanks for asking - it was awesome. The boys played well and the tech team and organizers were outstanding.

As we arrived at the venue near London, Ontario for soundcheck about 4pm yesterday, I felt like I was stepping into another life. Like, someone else's life, except it's mine. My other life, shared with five young guys in the band, who are both a bit like a second family and a bit like a staff because I work for them. There's hundreds of fans at the show, sound and lighting guys, promoters - all these people are part of putting on a rock show.

When I got to the show, I felt my LIFE 100.3 responsibilities in Barrie fade away about 200 miles into the background, as I put on my AFT t-shirt and persona as the band manager.

As the manager, I'm like the guy in the middle of the fun. The guy with contracts, merchandise, money, and a lot of decision-making - which I love to do. Watching the soundcheck work through the bugs, the merch booth go up, the stage costumes go on.

Today, the day after the show as I drove into the LIFE 100.3 signal range, I heard our DJ Andrew Robertson introing the Newsboys, drawing me back to the radio-world and leaving the band world somewhere down the road.  LIFE - a different team of people - DJs and sales people - some whom I love like family, plus listeners, clients and associates. 

A world of contesting and fundraising and of course ministry. A different portfolio than turning the lights on rock stars.

LIFE is my vocation and my passion; Anthem For Today is my hobby.

I am really blessed to have two exciting jobs that I love, that oddly enough, sometimes meet in the middle depending on the situation.

Two lives. No wonder I'm in therapy.

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