Sunday, February 24, 2013


On the main street....great visibility!
Tonight (Sunday), the crowd at Gateway Worship Centre in Gravenhurst were THE BEST AUDIENCE - ever!

It isn't never about size - it's about enthusiasm!
There was probably 80 people - which was near packed out. People arrived at church 45 minutes before church!  Now really...people don't NEVER go to church EARLY!  Most people show up LATE and they hide in the back row, as if the best seats in the front are reserved for lepers. (Nobody sits in the front)

Gateway people came out wearing their LIFE 100.3 gear - toques, hoodies, t-shirts - some people wore combos! Pastor Phil had his "Bad Company Corrupts LIFE" shirt!
Pastor Phil Tomassetti with his "Bad Company Corrupts" tee!

The worship band invited me to sit in on drums - that's always fun. But what made this night great was the volume! The monitors on stage were a perfect mix -and loud! Like a rock concert! I was banging on an acoustic kit - with sticks, no hotrods! They like it loud! We kicked thru six songs led by Jay Mac on keys, accompanied by two guitars, bass, and two female singers!

Pastor Phil introduced me as the guest speaker. Based on the enthusiastic response to worship, I was kinda hoping that would translate to an attentive audience during my message. Attentive - yes. They laughed, applauded our new LIFE video, encouraged me with "amens".

To be honest, it's rare that I don't enjoy speaking to an audience. Even on days when I'm not up to it, something turns around and my hestiation turns into pleasure.

Tonight was one of those nights I won't forget! Pastor Phil Tomassetti - the rest of the band - the audience at Gateway - bless you guys! Thanks for your kind words, the generous love offering, the laughter (especially when my jokes bombed!) - and for cheering on my staff!

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  1. It was great to get to play with you finally. Any time I hear you present it almost makes me wish I was back in radio... almost... maybe someday.

    Thanks for being willing to come to the smaller churches on the block and continuing to create great radio.


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