Saturday, November 10, 2012


We work really hard at producing great radio, at least our inteniton is that it would be great. So with processors and compressors and equalizers to enhance the music and our voices, we then use the same philosophy to create great visuals, for the website and Street Team banners. And that's where a professional photoshoot comes in.

We've used a few different photographers but our recent choice is Edward Ambrosius in Toronto. He does a lot of work for fashion magazines and modelling agencies so his eye for a great look is super tuned in. He coaches the models so each shot is flattering, making awesome use of multi-lights from various angles. A make-up artist is on hand for the entire shoot, doing touch-ups between scenes as needed.

There's a new morning show coming to LIFE 100.3. The Breakfast Club is gone, "The Wonderdog Show" is coming December 3rd! Thus the need for new photos.

We went through several scenes with varying wardrobes for winter, summer, and other fun things that we can make good use of over the long term.  With digital photography we're provided with 500 shots of AJ to choose from - so much better than loading a roll of film!

Maria Lopez joined us as another 500 or so shots were taken! She's a pro!

You'll see the final results in a few weeks on the LIFE 100.3 website and on Street Team banners when we're on location. Woo hoo!


  1. You should always use local businesses.

  2. Local business were "too busy". Thanks for suggesting.


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