Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Therapy - it's a term often considered “help for crazy people.” At least that’s what I thought.

In the movie “Fireproof” one of the characters is talking about his failed marriage and how he went into therapy and commented something like “everyone needs therapy.” How I agree!
I see a psychiatrist and a psychologist.  A psychiatrist dispenses prescription drugs and talks to you in formal conversation; the psychologist cannot dispense drugs. He listens to you, summarizes your thoughts and offers advice.

Because I suffer from major depression, I use both services. The combination of drugs for balance and psych for talking seems to offer a good balance.

Everyone needs someone to talk to but unfortunately very few people are good listeners.

I started seeing the psychologist because my male friends were - to be honest - lousy listeners. When I shared my issues with my friends, I noticed they couldn't recall any details because they were daydreaming instead of paying attention. That's disheartening.  Another guy always interrupted me to talk about himself. One of my best friends call-screened me - which I later realized was really a hint about how he felt about our relationship. Another friend told me I was a whiner.

“You need better friends,” my psychologist told me. After thinking about it, I realized my closest friends were only friends when they weren’t too busy.  I needed someone to listen to me, even if I blabbered on and on.

Not to dismiss my wife - she is an excellent listener. But I wanted someone else, outside of the house, with a male perspective.

Neither of my psychs are Christians. My psychologist allows me to talk about my faith and understands that it is my faith that gives me roots. He respects my Christian views and our relationship is good. I don't talk much about depression, actually, but anything. Whatever is bugging me. After each monthly meeting (that lasts an hour), I always leave with a take-away that I can apply the next time I'm faced with a situation. The takeaway is usually pretty simple but I’m happy with that.

I wish I had male friends who were good listeners.  Hopefully one day.

If you need someone to talk to, don’t be afraid to get professional help. It will organize your thoughts and you’ll see the troubled areas of life with clarity and answers. "Everyone needs therapy."

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  1. I've read your blog in the past, I appreciate your openess and honesty about your personal story. Depression is difficult and therapy helps, I agree.


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