Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back To School

First day of school. My family had just moved to Nashville. We were familiarizing ourselves with Brett's school and Crystal's school.

I remember a scarey moment on the first day of school. Crystal was taking the bus to school. We're telling her, "ok Crystal, you don't get off the bus until you get to YOUR stop. Mommy will meet you at the bus stop."

So I'm at work. It's after 4:30. School's been out for an hour. My wife calls me at work - panicking - "Crystal didn't get off the bus!" So, was she ON the bus at all? Did she get off at the wrong stop? Or, did something worse happen?

I remember feeling frozen and helpless. Maybe ... someone KIDNAPPED OUR KID WHEN SHE GOT OFF THE BUS!!!!

So my wife is freaking out on the phone. She had already called the school and we were told that Crystal did in fact get on the bus.

And, in walks Crystal. Late.

"Crystal! Where were you?"

"I forgot to get off the bus and had to wait until the end of the route and he drove me home."

Ahhhh. A memorable day. First school day in another country and we thought we lost our kid.

So, if it's your kids first day on the bus - don't panic. It's gonna be a good day.

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  1. In my defense, I would like to place a little correction notice - what happened was they put me on the wrong bus at the school. We checked a bunch of times to make sure it was the right one, but it ended up being the wrong one and I waited for my stop which never came...but the bus driver was nice enough to take me home anyway. :0) Definitely scary day though. Especially in a new city.


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