Wednesday, January 26, 2022


I’m 64. I can’t believe how time flies. And yes I know that’s what old people say. There a Kevin Costner movie called The Guardian, and there’s a scene where Kevin’s character is talking to the bartender played by Bonnie Bramlett, who gives a short speech about getting old. “Getting old isn’t bad. Getting old - it’s earned”. It’s a short moving speech that you might like to see. Me? I look back on my life, the things I’ve done, the people who poured into me and the things I’ve learned. 

And here are 64 things I’ve learned up to the age of 64. Many are quotes from movies and famous people and my friends. If not references, the quotes are mine. I’ve listed them in no particular order. 
  1. Stretch your body every day. 
  2. Stay flexible. Don’t go into debt. It’s nearly impossible to get out. 
  3. You get what you pay for. Stop looking for cheap deals. 
  4. Do what you say you’ll do otherwise you’ll never be trusted. 
  5. "Once you give up your dreams, you die." (Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance") 
  6. Don’t be late. It’s unprofessional. 
  7. Don’t ever tell anybody everything. Some secrets are not meant to be shared. (Don Shafer) 
  8. If you look after your things they’ll last longer. (Mom). 
  9. Keep your stories short. People are only listening until there’s a squirrel. And there’s always a squirrel.
  10. Never say "never". The last time I said "never" I ended up in Nicaragua. 
  11. Great ideas can have bad timing. Sometimes you need to wait. (Pastor Wayne Lucas) 
  12. If you’re wondering if God is involved, look for the fruit. (Pastor Wayne Lucas) 
  13. Best friends are only around until the wind changes direction or your money runs out, whichever comes first. 
  14. Some people are eternally unreliable. Keep your distance. 
  15. "Everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end." (Tom Cruise in "Cocktail") 
  16. Have a hero to follow. (Matthew McConaughey) 
  17. Someone is watching you. How you act. What you say. Be a hero to someone else. 
  18. Don’t get sucked in to nonsense.
  19. You can’t fix everything that goes wrong. Let it go.
  20. You can’t figure everything out. Let God do his job. 
  21. People change and the memories remain. Cherish the memories. 
  22. Get a dog. 
  23. You can talk about doing good deeds but unless you actually do them, you’ve done nothing. 
  24. The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination. (Peaceful Warrior movie) 
  25. Be nice. Be nice to everyone. (Tarzan Dan) 
  26. Car rides are better when someone else is driving. (Pip Lucas) 
  27. If you’re sick, get meds, get therapy and pray. It’s a good combination. 
  28. The speed limit may be low but ramp speeds never lie. (Marvin Sandomirsky) 
  29. There’s someone worse off than you. Buy them dinner. Buy them a bed. 
  30. When someone offers you a bottle of water, accept it. It’s not because you’re thirsty. It’s because you’re polite. 
  31. Surrendering your time and inconveniencing yourself for someone else feels really good. 
  32. Save your money for at least one really good bucket list event. 
  33. People think you know what you’re talking about when you’re older. Even if you don’t. 
  34. "There’s never nothing going on." (From "Peaceful Warrior") 
  35. Spend more time being grateful for what you have and less time asking for more stuff. 
  36. Coke is delicious. Coke brings a smile. It is never insincere, it is never late. It calms me whenI’m frustrated and gratifies me when I’m happy. Coke is always a sight for sore eyes. It is always bubbly. Always quenches. It far outweighs the cavities. Coke is always there for me. Coke is it.
  37. When you steal an idea, leave one for someone else. 
  38. Don’t wait until your idea is perfect. When it’s 90% ready, launch it. You can fix the rest on the fly. (Terry Williams) 
  39. Don’t follow your heart - the heart deceives. Don’t follow your nose - the direction changes. Follow the giver of dreams. (Rich Mullins)
  40. Ask yourself “who cares?” If noone cares, why do it? 
  41. Ask yourself “so what?” If it doesn’t matter, why do it? 
  42. Don’t let your kids run your life. There’s always a babysitter if you really want one. 
  43. Go on dates. Get a life. 
  44. When people are guilty, they dance to avoid embarrassment. Stop the dancing. 
  45. If people can’t admit to being wrong, never expect them to being honest. 
  46. If you ate the steak, you pay for it. (Judge Judy) 
  47. Don’t hang up your Christianity for a movie, for a song, or especially a person. You’re a Christian all the time. Live it. 
  48. “I screwed up. I’m sorry” Five words that will let you off the hook. 
  49. Knowing “just enough” is an unfulfilled life. 
  50. Aim for the middle. You’re guaranteed to have an average life. Aim higher. Even if you miss, you’re likely going to be further ahead. (Charlie Peacock) 
  51. God gave you time. What are you doing with it? 
  52. Look for a need and fill the need with what you have. 
  53. The more money you have, the more you can give away. (A Christian friend) 
  54. Nobody cares as much as you. 
  55. You can’t lead someone somewhere if you haven’t been there yourself. 
  56. Have a willingness to look stupid. Have the stamina to keep going. 
  57. Surround yourself with people smarter than you. 
  58. Work your ass off while you’re young, so when you’re older you can enjoy the ride. (Christopher Ward) 
  59. The concept of “fun and learning”. If you’re having fun but not learning anything, keep doing it. If you’re not having fun, but you’re still learning something, keep doing it. If you’re not having fun and you’re not learning anything, go do something else. 
  60.  Some of the best songs were written on drugs. 
  61. People love to shoot the visionary and tell you your idea won’t work. If you’re a visionary, get used to it. (Jay Davis) 
  62. Being a public person can be lonely. I have fewer friends. I second guess myself. 
  63. Where does it say that our ministry always has to be expanding? “It’s written on our hearts.” (Pastor Todd Dugard) 
  64. Write it down. You'll forget if you don't.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020


2020 was about wearing a mask to avoid spreading the Coronavirus. It was also about arguing with friends over conspiracy theories, government lockdown decisions, and, well, that's about it. Covid-19 dominated all of our lives.

I'm trying to find some good memories from 2020 and really that wasn't hard. These memories did not include cruising the seas as we love to do or attending a major concert, but two things I've learned are:

1) I can do with less. I've had to.  

2) Companionship and feeling social is my love language. 

Now, here are 15 things I want to remember from 2020. Maybe it wasn't really that bad after all. 

I stepped down from my role as Station Manager at LIFE 100.3.  It was 21 years in that position and I was just tired of doing the same things. I guess I am in semi-retirement because I still have duties at LIFE 100.3. I still believe in the ministry and am grateful for the impact the radio station has had on the lives of listeners in Central Ontario.

This process of removing my horribly yellow and decayed upper teeth and replacing them with new teeth took nearly two years. The "all on four in one day" (meaning  all your teeth are replaced with four pins in your jaw in one long surgery) didn't happen as planned. It ended up being all on six over 18 months. I needed bone reconstruction before the pins went in. It was a ridiculously long process and many more dental appointments than you would believe. It's done. I'm happy. But, I'm not sure if I would encourage anyone else to do this.

This is my friend Paul from North Bay. Throughout 2020 our friendship got richer as we visited each other nearly every month, with Covid's permission. We had planned on travelling to London, England in September and those plans got derailed. Sure hope we can do it in 2021.

My best friend is a Kangaroo. He bikes with me, he roadies for me, he cracks my back when it's all seized up. He doesn't need things to keep him happy. He isn't materialistic.  He never holds a grudge. Andrew is the nicest person I know.

Several times a year Janice and I throw house parties. We bring in a band to rock the house and we typically invited about 40 people to squeeze in, enjoy the view over Lake Simcoe and enjoy a rockin' band. In February, we were blessed to have Jason Dunn who is the original lead singer with Hawk Nelson come and perform. His story-telling was awesome. And his last minute percussionist played just fine.

The SJ Home Gym & Athletic Centre has been busy all year. I am fortunate to have a bunch of guys who like to work out and enjoy hanging out with me through the week. My buddy Bobby installed some cool lighting and a sound system and Todd installed giant mirrors. I'm grateful at age 63 that I can do this and sometimes keep up with my younger friends - like Professor Jordon.

For half of 2019, I was churchless. Living For Jesus Outreach Ministries ceased it's Sunday services so I began attending Bethel Community Church because they needed a percussionist. After a year of Sundays, I decided to make Bethel my home church. Pastor Stephan seems to think I have good ideas and is eager to make changes. I think God has me in the right place at this time.

I've managed many artists, played with them, booked them, guided them and funded them. In November, I became the artist!  I recorded a song with me on vocals. This is a bucket list project of 3 songs. The first one is nearly done. "Blame It On Cain".  I don't have plans for sales or radio airplay - it's just the process I want to experience for myself, with a profession producer.

One of my good friends is Chris Bray. We met professionally as he is a recording artist, we became friends, and then good friends. We chat almost daily, talking about his music projects (and he has many), talking about our fitness goals and family stuff.  In September, Chris brought his family to the Oro Station Super City Centre to hang out for the day.

This is Jeff Catto. He is a new recording artist based in Waterloo. We met professionally, and then became friends. He's invited to play percussion with his band - and his band rocks! I am a huge fan of Jeff because he sings with passion! His vocals are powerful and they cover you.  Because of Covid, many shows were cancelled but we squeezed in a youth event in November. All he needs is a manager.

My weekly radio show on CJAI "Amherst Island Radio" is now four years old. I host "The Scott Jackson Show" on this community radio station near Kingston, where I began my on-air career 40 years ago. On this show, I play the classic rock songs I played back then when they were new on CKLC, plus some new material. And I have a team of people in the studio. Some of these people are Todd, Steve, the Kangaroo and Crystal. Others have come to fill in from time to time.

Ottawa is my favourite city. It's the one city I wish my radio career had taken me to. Since it didn't, I take a 3-day vacation every year, ride my bike along the Rideau Canal bike path, shop for clothes at the Rideau Centre and tell myself "this is my city."

Last but not least is my wife Janice. In 2021 we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We met in grade 7 and have been together ever since. We have travelled and cruised the world, loved and buried our dogs, founded a ministry and support each other as our health changes and age demands choices. Still going strong. 


Tuesday, January 14, 2020


I'm a radio broadcaster. I'm a musician. I'm an artist manager.  Going through old photo albums I've relived some memories and I thought I would share my the best and worst, of those I can still remember, as they pertain to being a radio guy, a percussionist and an artist manager.


CAREER HIGHLIGHT -  The launch of LIFE 100.3 - August 15, 1999.

* Runner-up - there is nothing close.

BEST MOMENT -  A visit by Geoff Moore to LIFE.  While Steve Jones was the DJ, together Steve and Geoff counted down the "Top 5 Geoff  Songs" personally picked by me, for him to talk about. I sat on the floor behind the DJ - watching, listening to personal song testimony by the artist who introduced me to all of Christian music. (Geoff second left)

* Runner-up - LIFE Sharathon 2019 - we didn't hit the financial goals, but it was fun, organized and I felt our announcers presentation was as close to perfect as it could ever be.

CAREER LOW POINT -  Getting fired at WAY-FM in Nashville in 1997. Losing my dream job. Leaving the house we loved and an amazing city behind, driving my family back to Canada. Photo below, moments before departure.

*Runner-up- Getting verbally berated by the boss at a radio station. 1986.
* 2nd Runner-up - Lying to my staff and working for an unethical owner. 1997.

PROUD MOMENT - Listening to Junky Rhodes on LIFE one night, enthusiastically taking listener phone calls. I phoned him to say "you sound great" but he didn't answer the phone. The next day I found out that the show was recorded, including the listener calls, and after 35 years in radio, I couldn't tell the difference. 2014.

* Runner-up - Rod O'Brien (aka Chris Cooper) doing afternoon drive at AM/58 in Kapuskasing. I was Rod's boss. It was a milestone moment, one afternoon on the air when he found his smile. This is the actual show, below 1987.


BEST MOMENT - Playing "La La Land" with All Star United (Ian Eskelin and Dave Clo) on my patio for my 60th birthday. 2017.

* Runner-up - Playing "Avalanche" in my house on New Year's Eve with Handsome and Gretyl.  While dying to jump in and play along, it was their moment, until Brett said - "We're going to need some percussion here, Daddy."  2017.  Three minutes of musical emotion. It'll probably never happen again. It'll never come close. Brett and Gretyl have no clue.

BEST SHOW - Playing percussion for Brian Doerksen in concert while he sang "Faithful One" 2019. I rehearsed my part for two weeks so I would know the songs intimately. Brian is Canada's most beloved worship songwriter.


PROUDEST MOMENT - Watching Anthem For Today play "Earthquake" as a new Canadian artist at the Covenant Awards and then winning and their acceptance of the Covenant Award for Modern Rock Song of the Year in 2013 presented by the Gospel Music Assocation.

* Runner-up - The Handsome and Gretyl Summer Tour 2016,  I was walking the sidewalk in downtown Los Angeles, looking for the venue- The Mint nightclub where we were performing that evening.  A club, in L.A., baby!  BOOM!

SHINING MOMENT - Arranging the Travel Agenda (arrangements for air travel, ground travel, activities, connections, songwriting, meals, hotel, money and city tour) for a trip to Nashville  on behalf of Luke Langman so he could record "Let's Go Christmas Caroling" with Ian Eskelin.

* Runner-up - My artist Luke Langman opening for Brian Doerksen in Peterborough in 2019. I made connection to have Brian sing a verse of Luke's song "Every Word You Say".  Just like on the record.

BEST CONCERT - Anthem For Today playing at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Barrie for the youth group. The best audience, ever!   The youth pastor yells to a kid "put your shirt back on!"  The girls were going crazy for the band. It was an exhilarating show.  Unfortunately, it ended with a kill-joy by the youth pastor but  my memory of the audience and that show - was amazing.

BEST WORK -  "Worthy" by All Rescued Children. Arranging the studio recording session, vetoing a track so our new members could record a part, the eventual release and national promotion; the video shoot, the guest appearance by Francois Gouderault Jr., the photoshoot, hospitality and cheerleading.   This project was the culmination of all I had learned as a manager.

* Runner-up - The CD release for Tom Roe. He had no part in the arrangement of the event, only the stage performance with the musicians and setlist. The radio promotion and details of the event was envisioned by me. It was a milestone moment to honour Tom.

WORST SHOW - Anthem For Today, early in our work together, the boys were opening a show in Ottawa.  Our drummer couldn't go so we hired a fill-in (talented) drummer whom we had never met or played with. We had lousy sound, and some other bad stuff. Then, we all had a near-death experience in an elevator.

* Runner-up - A recent show that was unrehearsed, not soundchecked and just plain sloppy.

REGRETS - Leaving after the first leg of the 2016 Handsome and Gretyl North American Tour. There was junk bothering me but I should have pushed through it. I gave in.  Now, I live with haunting regret of not completing the final leg.

* Runner-up - I miss road managing AFT so bad - it hurts.  (photo below is a mini-reunion)

Monday, January 6, 2020

New Year's Resolutions

I think New Year’s resolutions are a good idea. It’s a new year. We have a new mindset so why not set some goals for self-improvement?

Many people don’t. They think they’ll break them so what’s the point?  The point is - you try. And if you fail, you try again. Being afraid to fail is being afraid of life.

I attended a Wealth Management Expo two years ago. Not because I want to be wealthy, but because - Sylvester Stallone was there and I really wanted to see him in person. He is a self-made success story but, the other six speakers all had great stories of having nothing and making something of themselves. The line that was repeated was, “I failed nine times, but the tenth time was a success.” Most people don’t have the energy or faith to try again or start over. Maybe they're embarrassed. Or lazy? Or something.

The “failing nine times” is inspiring to me. If the greats fail, then I shouldn’t be afraid to fail.

So, I set my resolution goals with that in mind. If I fail, I won’t give up - I'll start again. What’s the alternative?  To never improve? I don’t want to be that guy.

Here are the things I resolve to work on this year.

I’m going to check my list every couple of months to see how I’m doing. If I’m not doing as well as I hope to, then I’ll get a bit more serious about the “delay”.

Happy new year!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019


I'm lucky to have a home gym. And as the year draws to an end, here are some of the visitors who have come to hang out.

Cody Marshall - LIFE 100.3

Shake'N Jake - LIFE 100.3

Chris Bray - checking me out.
Chris Bray - Musician - Aylmer

Jordon Cober - Teacher and Dr. Rob - Optician

Martin Stansfield Roderick - Hamilton

Kevin Rapati - Worship Leader - Peterborough

Robert Brandon III - Sound guy - Barrie

Ryan M.M - Trucker - Innisfil

Paul Enqvist  -  Hotel Management - North Bay 

Paul Maybee -  Factory worker - Barrie

Adrian Holvik from Meaford 

Eric Valiquette - Future Fitness Instructor- Barrie

Dan Hotchkiss - MMA fighter - coach

Caleb Grexton The Red Monster - Marine Sales  - Wasaga Beach

Eric Vinnels-Bell - LIFE 100.3 Street Team

Brad Handrahan  - Carpenter - Barrie
Andrew Haverson - best friend

Mike Annunziello - Developmental Service - Barrie

David Mann and Andrew Haverson - LIFE 100.3

Dan Kirkness - Videographer -  Cobden

Bobby Wilson - Electrican - North Bay

Dan Vanderveer - Singer - Huntsville

Blake Van Dolder - He's like Halley's Comet - I love seeing him but he only comes by once in a hundred  years, it seems.

Me and Chris Bray - doing his thing.

Me and Chris arm wrestling - him cheating with his left hand.

Todd Gale - LIFE 100.3 - Barrie

Richard Vanderster - retired -  Barrie

Dr. Rob - Optician  - Barrie

G.I. Holm - Producer, musician - Owen Sound
Earl Batchelor - Assistant Manager - Barrie

Adrian Holvik - Engineer - Meaford

Kevin Constantine - Home School Teacher - Orillia

Josh Atkinson - Radio Broadcaster - Kitchener

Jon Zettler - Radio Producer - Hamilton

Chris Wong - Youth pastor - Barrie
Chris Owen  with Earl Batchelor - friends
Glen Sye  - LIFE 100.3. - Wasaga Beach

More buddies Robbert Brandon III, Me and Matthew Martin - Barrie
Todd Gale - LIFE 100.3

Daniel Goguen - Worship Leader - Angus

Jim Sampson - Musician -  Pefferlaw

Dennis Colley - photographer - Hillsdale

Will Martin  (marketing) and Colin Thompson (web design)  - Barrie
Terry Molinaro - LIFE 100.3  - Barrie

Eric, Dr. Rob and me.

Adrian Holvik - Engineer - Meaford
One of the most improved members of the gym is 25-year-old Matthew Martin. I like him because he's got 25-year old energy and thankfully, at this point, I’m able to keep up. Matthew is following my workout schedule. We have good chats about business, and God and other guy-stuff.

Just because you go to the gym doesn't mean you're actually working out. Your mom and girlfriends may tell you so, and sometimes even your wife, although not mine.  "Oh honey, you look great!" And, the ego is fed. It's nice to have the affirmation.

So, my people, are you progressing? Being transformed?  How do you know?  I made up a 5-point criteria that you can use to determine your own transformation.


1 - The Mirror - When I look in the mirror do I see improvement? Let’s be real. We see what we want to see. Some days I see Zac Efron when I look at the mirror and other days I see a flabby old man. Since the mirror is unreliable I only consider half of what I think I see and move to another criteria.

2 - What do other people say about my physique? This only counts if it is unsolicited. Your family members don't count.  Neither does your wife. (My wife hasn't comment on my physique since I was 17.)  People like to say nice things so (possibly) their answers unreliable.

3 - Am I pressing and curling and squatting more weight now than I did one year ago?  That's easy to track by journalling the results of each workout. Either you are increasing or you're not.

4 - Are my biceps bigger and is my waist smaller than it was a year ago? With a measuring tape, it's hard to lie, so long as your partner measures fairly. This is perhaps one of the best criteria of the four.

5 - The last criteria is an easy one. Your body weight. Stand on the scale. Are you going up or are you going down?  Yes, muscle weighs more than fat so you need the other four criteria to balance it all out.

None of these five criteria on their own tell the real story but put together we get a more realistic picture.

Please note - I am not a trained fitness instructor but I've learned alot of stuff over the years from different coaches. My posts are only to journal what I do. Feel free to follow along or make up your own.


I am just an average guy, with average energy and some minor limitations.  I am 62, I don't drink or smoke and I seem to have good genetics to keep me slim. 

I am probably foolish for posting many of these photos publicly.  Perhaps I am too stupid to be embarrassed, or as the haters say, I am "self-absorbed". Probably true. But, I'm confident and content that my fitness training ain't doin' too bad.

Now it's my turn. 

1 - The mirror - Generally, what I see is pretty good. I think my muscle tone is staying ahead of my age. There's still a roll around the belly, which comes from my junk food diet. I could improve.

2 - What other people say.   No question, when someone tells you you're in good shape it's nice to hear.  It's nice to be encouraged. Thank you. I do the same with my gym buddies.

3 - Amount lifted. I wish I had room for a bench press so I could get back to benching 185 but dumbbells is what I have in the gym.  I really don't know what amount I can bench. My spider curls are pretty good as I compare myself to other guys my size. For my age, to keep with with a 20 year old, ya, i like that. 

When it comes to tricep exercises I have a setback because of the C7 in my neck being squashed by arthritis. The nerve is squashed so it can't talk to the muscle. Consequently, my triceps have shrunk so all my strength comes from other music groups.

Up until six months ago, I avoided doing legs. I'm not a runner - not even interested. But my friend Chris Bray encouraged me to skip and do air squats and calf raises, which I do, and I actually enjoy it. And...I think there's muscle progress. :) 

4 - Bicep size  Looks to me like I'm half an inch less this year than last year.  It could be the way the tape measure went around my arm that made the difference or more likely that my muscle mass could actually be shrinking. (Currrently 15 inches post workout.)  As long as I can maintain definition, the size actually is important.

 -  Body weight.  I never thought I would be able to get below 180. My body likes being their. I few years ago I peaked at 188 pounds and that was a huge slap in the face. I got down to 182 but I longed for anything under 170 because I thought my abs would show.

When I went in for dental surgery I could only eat soft foods for three weeks which took me down to 175 and with a little more effort I got down to 169 which was my dream weight. 

My wife is telling me to increase it by 10 pounds but I think I’m going to aim for 165 and see how that looks on the abs.
                                          2019                                                                    2020

Left 2018  --  Right 2019
In the annual assessment I've lost 8 mounds. I've toned up a bit. My lifting in terms of "how much can I lift" hasn't increased. The mirror sometimes looks good. Other people are complimentary.  I'm happy. I'm content. If this is the best i can do at age 62, I'm pretty happy.

There are guys who want to be beach-ripped, and amaze people with shock and awe. For me, that would be over the line of good taste. I don't want people staring at me and I'm sure my wife doesn't!  I just want to be fit in a t-shirt.

My mission with this page is to a) keep myself accountable by working out every day, knowing people are following me.  And b) to encourage other guys my age to start working out before it's too late. I don't mean like the Incredible Hulk or Arnold. Let's be honest - we can work out all day and never look like them! I'm reaching out to average guys, who want to look a little better than average.

We can build on the bodies God gave us.  So guys, before the flexibility is gone and the muscle disappears, hit the gym. Let's do this!  Uh, easy at first.

If you want my specific program, feel feel to ask.